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Want your kids to live in a more beautiful world?

Teach them compassion. 

(That's it). 


Photo credits: Briana Moore


Welcome to Sophie and Friends

We create videos that open children’s hearts and nurture their spirits. To help us heal our society and our planet.

What is compassion? It sounds esoteric, hard to pin down. Floaty. But really it’s everywhere. Weighty. Powerful. 

Compassion is love. Compassion is seeing that that person opposite you on the underground/bus/street is actually just like you. Has the same desire for belonging that you do. Wants to be loved, just like you.

Compassion is opening up to the painful moments of life and embracing that pain, knowing it’s as much of a teacher as any moment of joy.


Compassion can sound like the soothing voice of a loving mother. Or it can look like a fiery flame defending the vulnerable. 

Compassion is knowing that we are worthy of love and respect, just as we are. 

Compassion is being gentle with ourselves, with others, and with our world.

Compassion is knowing we are fully whole already.

Welcome to Sophie and Friends!


We're on a mission to equip young children with the skills they need to flourish.


A creative exercise that stimulates the imagination

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A musical pizza-filled story that develops self-worth


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Parents everywhere: Your children will be watching in rapt attention. And they won't be crazy and over-excited thereafter!

— Florian, Father of two

We care about your child as much as you do.

All our content is:   


Our videos are safe, age-appropriate, easily accessible and advert-free


Children learn essential soft skills like resilience, empathy, kindness, self-worth and independence 


Interactive creative, movement & mindfulness activities stimulate imagination & engagement offline  


Both children and caregivers learn how to regulate their emotions and feel calmer after watching


Designed to foster connection between caregivers and children or provide space for a little time out

Teach kids compassion. Build a better world.

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Who we are

With expertise across child development, education and broadcast media, we're united by our shared conviction that nurturing children's emotional health creates the basis for a more peaceful world. 

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