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Sophie and friends is a vision for a more beautiful world. where love trumps fear, kindness is commonplace and where humanity and wellbeing are prioritized over productivity. 


yes, we have a long way to go to create such a world.  but it can be done - and it all starts with teaching kids compassion.

we create videos that open children’s hearts and nurture their spirits.  slowly, kindly, playfully and naturally. 


by doing so, we can set our society, and our planet, on a path to better health.

who we are​

with expertise across child development, education and broadcast media, we're united by our conviction that teaching children compassion can lay the foundations for a more beautiful world. 

find out more about our team here.


from the heart

we care about children as much as any parent or educator. all our content is:


our videos are safe, age-appropriate, easily accessible and advert-free


children learn essential soft skills like resilience, empathy, kindness, self-worth and independence 


interactive, creative, movement & mindfulness activities stimulate imagination & engagement offline  


both children and caregivers learn how to regulate their emotions and feel calmer after watching


designed to foster connection between caregivers and children or provide space for a little time out

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