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We're here to give every child the best start in life.

who we are

Our highly-motivated team is passionate about one thing: boosting the wellbeing and life chances of young children around the world. In everything we do, we're guided by the values of kindness, fairness, courage, inclusiveness, playfulness, mindfulness and community.


Photo credit: Briana Moore

Robin Hiley

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A composer & songwriter by trade, Robin has written an Edinburgh fringe sell-out musical, a number of choral works, as well as a large collection of music tailored for children to sing and perform. He is also creative director of Charades Theatre Company, an Edinburgh-based charity with a 10-year track record of delivering musical theatre creative learning opportunities for primary schools in the UK.


Photo credit: Briana Moore

Sophie Kirby

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Sophie is a broadcast news journalist with 8+ years of experience producing a range of programs for leading broadcasters. Also an experienced singer and artist, she has a longstanding passion for mindfulness, psychology, and holistic education.


Dominic Clarkson Decker

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A qualified primary school teacher and child counsellor, Dominic has been working with adults and young people in a range of social and educational settings since 2001.


Katherine Riedel

Katherine is a kindergarten teacher with extensive knowledge of child development theory and practice, and who is motivated by the desire to help children develop to become healthy, happy adults.


James Rankin

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James is a comedian, counsellor-in-training and passionate mental health advocate working to boost wellbeing and break the stigma around mental illness. 


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Shakrah Yves

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A singer, actress and proponent of mindfulness based self-compassion, Shakrah also has extensive experience looking after young children and is training to be a kindergarten teacher. 


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Rose Truesdale

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Rose is a wellness writer and a former opera singer who believes that self-care, self-awareness, and self-expression are the three tenets of universal connectedness and creative fulfilment.

Plus many more!

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